La Corte del Pozzo

Spumante Garganega


In its love for the territory and respect for tradition, Fasoli Gino has always celebrated the versatility of an important local grape, the Garganega. This grape, well-suited to the sparkling wine process, gives us the opportunity to create a fresh and aromatic sparkling wine that is distinctly Veronese. This Spumante Garganega represents innovation within tradition, offering a unique and sustainable interpretation of a native grape variety, perfect for celebrating the uniqueness of the Veronese terroir.



GRAPES Garganega 100%
SIZE 75 cl


Harvest: Early to maintain ideal acidity.
Pressing: Soft after destemming.
First fermentation: In steel tanks at a controlled temperature (12°-15°C) for 10-12 days.
Sparkling wine production: In autoclave for 3-4 months (Charmat method).

Terroir and viticulture:

The “La Corte del Pozzo” Garganega sparkling wine comes from hilly vineyards in the Verona area, where the soil and the microclimate give the Garganega grape its unique characteristics of freshness and aroma.

Organoleptic characteristics:

• COLOR: Straw yellow with greenish reflections.
• BOUQUET: Floral with notes of bitter almond and dried fruit.
• TASTE: Long, fine and persistent perlage. Freshness on the palate with aromatic and saline final notes.

Food and wine:

The Garganega “La Corte del Pozzo” sparkling wine is ideal for:
• Aperitif: Perfect on its own or as a base for fresh, summery cocktails
• Starters: Excellent with savory canapés and buffets of light mixed starters
• First courses: Pairs well with vegetable risottos and pasta with seafood
• Second courses: Enhances delicate and simple dishes, excellent with fried fish
• Dessert: Pleasantly accompanies dry pastries and fruit tarts

Storage and service:

• Optimal serving temperature: 8°C
• Storage: In a cool, dark place, in a vertical position
• Aging potential: Drink young, preferably within 1-2 years of production
• Available formats: 750 ml (standard bottle)
• Recommended glass: Flûte or tulip glass

Production philosophy:

The Spumante Garganega “La Corte del Pozzo” embodies Fasoli Gino’s vision of organic and sustainable agriculture. The choice to enhance an indigenous grape variety such as Garganega in a sparkling wine version demonstrates the company’s commitment to preserving and innovating local wine traditions. This wine represents a perfect balance between respect for the territory and oenological innovation, offering consumers a unique and authentic experience of the Veronese terroir.

This Garganega Spumante is more than just a wine: it is a lively and sparkling expression of the biodiversity and oenological richness of the Verona area. Its freshness and versatility make it perfect for accompanying moments of conviviality and lightness, while at the same time embodying the values ​​of sustainability and quality that characterize the production of Fasoli Gino.