Valpolicella DOC

La Corte del Pozzo

GRAPE VARIEITES: Corvina, Rondinella

WINE-MAKING TECHNIQUE: The grapes that have been dried are fermented separately from those that were pressed fresh. The fresh grapes are fermented in stainless steel vats whilst the dried ones are left to ferment in wooden barrels. Only after 10-12 months, and after having assessed the characteristics of the wines, we decide how to blend the two. The wine is then bottles and left to mature for five to six months.

TASTING NOTES: The Valpolicella is a vibrant ruby red colour. Initially, this wine gives o all its vitality and strength. After the first year of aging it starts maturing and the tannins and acidity combine with the flavours of ripe fruit. This enriches the wines with a final touch of softness. The bouquet is bursting with aromas of red fruit jam and fresh red fruits with hints of vanilla. On the palate, the wine is dry, smooth, well-bodied and balanced.

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