Pieve Vecchia

Bianco Veronese IGT


“Pieve Vecchia” is a wine of great character that reflects the characteristics of the vintages, while maintaining a recognizable personality. Expression of the surprising versatility of the typical Garganega grape, it maintains the right balance in the use of wood and demonstrates a remarkable ability to ripen over the years. This wine represents the excellence of Fasoli Gino’s production, combining tradition and innovation in a white of extraordinary complexity and longevity.



GRAPES Garganega 100%
SIZE 75 cl
LIFE 15 anni
MUSICAL PAIRING Psychedelic Rock


Harvest: In three phases: early to maintain freshness, intermediate with perfect ripeness, late for maximum concentration.
Fermentation: Starts in steel, continues in tonneaux.
Aging: 12-15 months on its own yeasts in tonneaux, followed by 6 months in the bottle.

Terroir and viticulture:

“Pieve Vecchia” comes from vineyards with silty, sandy, clayey, medium-textured soil. The cultivation system is the short Veronese pergola, with a yield of 100 quintals per hectare.

Organoleptic characteristics:

• COLOR: Intense and luminous gold.
• BOUQUET: Sweet spices, toasted barley, ripe white fruit, with notes of lime and honeysuckle.
• TASTE: Round, tonic, full of flavour. Enveloping and soft, but also fresh and tasty. Extended finish with toasted, smoky and almond notes.

Food and wine:

“Pieve Vecchia” Bianco Veronese IGT pairs perfectly with:
• Elaborate fish first courses
• Crustaceans
• Risottos (ideal with asparagus)
• White meat
• Mature cheeses
• Asian cuisine dishes

Storage and service:

• Optimal serving temperature: 10-12°C
• Decantation: Recommended, especially for older vintages
• Aging potential: Up to 15 years
• Storage: In a cool, dark place, with the bottle lying down
• Available formats: 750 ml (standard bottle)
• Recommended glass: Large glass for structured white wines

Premi e riconoscimenti (annata 2020):

• James Suckling: 92/100
• Guida ai Vini di Verona: 92/100
• Luca Maroni: 96/99
• Guida Bio: 5/5
• Vinetia: 3,5/4

“Pieve Vecchia” Bianco Veronese IGT is the emblem of the excellence and innovation of Fasoli Gino. This wine represents the maximum expression of Garganega, demonstrating the extraordinary versatility of this native vine when vinified with skill and passion. The aromatic complexity, the imposing structure and the remarkable longevity make it a wine of great prestige, capable of evolving magnificently over time. Ideal for enthusiasts looking for a white with character, “Pieve Vecchia” is a wine that tells the story and the Veronese terroir in every sip, offering a unique and memorable tasting experience.