Cabernet Sauvignon Veronese IGT


Igino was the real name of the founder behind the Fasoli Gino winery. This wine is a dedication to his strength of character and personality. One of the Fasoli family’s traditions was to gather, regardless of commitments, for Sunday lunch. The men of the household would challenge each other to determine who would take on the ungrateful task of descending into the cold depths of the cellar to retrieve the wine for the festive day. “Igino” is conceived as that very wine, meant to be savored during special moments of unity and conviviality.

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GRAPES Cabernet Sauvignon 100%
SIZE 75 cl
LIFE 10 years
MUSICAL PAIRING Progressive Rock


Harvest: Manual with selection of the best bunches in the first 10 days of September.
Drying: The grapes are arranged on special trays in a cool environment for 50/60 days.
Fermentation: In steel tanks at controlled temperatures for approximately 20 days.
Aging: In barrique for a minimum of 36 months.

Terroir and viticulture:

Igino comes from vineyards on morainic soil. The cultivation system is Guyot, with a yield of 60 quintals per hectare, which allows us to obtain high quality and concentrated grapes.

Organoleptic characteristics:

• COLOR: Deep ruby ​​red.
• FRAGRANCE: Intense, with hints of undergrowth, tobacco, coffee and black pepper. Notes of plums, jam, spices and eucalyptus complete the bouquet.
• TASTE: Warm and delicately tannic. The palate is vinous and clean. The finish is sweet and with a strong character at the same time, slightly spicy, a reflection of the personality of grandfather Igino from whom it takes its name.

Food and wine:

Igino is a wine with great structure that lends itself to numerous refined gastronomic combinations:
• Red meat: Florentine steak, rib-eye steak, sliced ​​with rosemary
• Game: Stewed wild boar, jugged hare, baked duck
• Braised meats: Cabernet braised meat, beef stew
• Mature cheeses: Parmigiano Reggiano aged 36 months, Pecorino Romano, spicy Provolone
• Fatty fish: Grilled eel, seared tuna, smoked salmon

Storage and service:

• Optimal serving temperature: 15-16°C
• Decantation: Recommended, especially for older vintages
• Aging potential: Up to 10 years under optimal storage conditions
• Storage: In a cool, dark place, with the bottle lying down
• Available formats: 750 ml (standard bottle), 1.5l (Magnum)
• Recommended glass: Large tulip-shaped glass to best appreciate the complex bouquet

Awards and recognitions:

• Luca Maroni: 95/99 (vintage 2017)
• James Suckling: 92/100 (2017 vintage)
• Vinetia Guide (AIS): 3/4 (vintage 2017)
• Veronelli: 2/3 stars (2017 vintage)
• Organic Guide: Gold Leaf (highest recognition, 2018 vintage)

The Igino Cabernet Sauvignon Veronese IGT is more than just a wine; it is a tribute to family tradition and the legacy of Fasoli Gino’s founder. Born from meticulous winemaking and lengthy aging, every bottle of Igino encapsulates the essence of special, convivial moments. This wine represents Fasoli Gino’s unique interpretation of Cabernet Sauvignon in the Veronese terroir, offering a rich and memorable sensory experience, perfect for celebrating important occasions and strengthening family bonds, just as grandfather Igino did.