Grappa di Merlot “Orgno”


When making Grappa, the quality of the raw materials is fundamental. Knowing this, we decided to use the precious skins of the Merlot grapes that are dried to make our Merlot Veronese “Orgno”.




This fine spirit is produced exclusively with traditional copper stills selecting only the heart of the distillation process. The grappa matures for several months in prestigious oak barrels that were previously used to age Orgno. The grappa of Merlot Orgno maintains the elegance and complexity of the grapes it is made from. After aging, it develops a complex and harmonic bouquet and is smooth and embracing on the palate. Rich and intense tastes give it a unique personality.


After more than 18 months of aging in oak barrels, we have a Grappa that is soft, elegant and full-bodied as well as velvety and spicy. The aromas are intense and harmonic and gradually open into a variety of fine and captivating scents. On the palate it is smooth and complex reserving delicate hints of liquorice and vanilla for the finish.

To serve at 18°C-20°C.