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A winery tour allows guests to discover all the places in which the magic of wine starts. Besides visiting the vineyards and the barrel cellar, visitors can also taste the full range of Fasoli wines in the atmospheric setting of the Wine Shop.

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    Wine Shop

    The Fasoli Gino Wine Shop is the perfect place to let yourself be guided through a world rich in history and tradition and of unique and moving flavours. The various rooms were created during the renovation of the old winery and the fruit-drying loft where the grapes for the San Zeno Recioto wine were once dried. The charm of the old, marries perfectly with the new, more modern lines, preserving the soul of a building that has been used through many different eras.

    Ancient dry room

    With its stone walls and big, airy, arched ceiling, this room will take you back in time.

    La Teca: Luxury wine cellars

    This is a corner of paradise for wine lovers. Surrounded by vintage wines and limited editions, a wine tasting here feels like a luxurious taste of ambrosia.

    Tenuta le Cave

    A corner of paradise nestled amongst the white rocks of Monte Tomelon with breath-taking views over the valley of Illasi. Taste our wines in the magical atmosphere of Tenuta le Cave.

    Scopri Tenuta Le Cave
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