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Chardonnay "Perantonie" - Vini Fasoli Gino

Chardonnay “Perantonie”

The change of dress of our Chardonnay is part of a wider project covering all the Fasoli Gino white wines. The restyling of the “White Line” of Fasoli Gino has involved “Borgoletto” Soave DOC, “Pieve Vecchia” Bianco Vse IGT, “Liber” Bianco Vse IGT, “Lume” Lugana DOC and finnaly “Perantonie” Chardonnay Vse IGT. The new line reflects the style of the original label of our Pieve Vecchia. We’ve also kept some of the elements of the original packaging of each of the wines and given them more modern, fresh feel thanks to the use of vibrant colours.

By the end of the month 8000 bottles of Chardonnay IGT “Perantonie” 2018 will be available. A wine with a vibrant straw-yellow colour, Perantonie has a bouquet full of citrus and delicate hints of tropical fruits. On the palate it is elegant and harmonious, its generous acidity balances the complexity gained during the period of oak aging.

In springtime, our vineyards start to bloom, giving us a picturesque landscape of flowers and bright red poppies lying like coloured carpets between the rows of vines. That touch of red has been carried on to our label for Perantonie as a symbol of a philosophy that aims to recreate an almost lost ecosystem.