Ancient know-how

Our present is the past of others. What we are today is deeply linked to who came before us.

With horse and cart

The Fasoli family first ventured into agriculture in 1921 when Amadio Fasoli decided to dedicate himself to viticulture in the valley of Illasi, the green expanse to the east of Verona.
Amadio personally looked after delivering the wines he made to the best eateries of the area, transporting the demijohns by horse and cart himself. The company was officially founded in 1925 when the first invoice of sale was issued to the parish priest.

A brave decision

The second generation of the family was Gino Fasoli himself who inherited the same passion for his father’s vineyards, increasing the area of the vineyards and the production of wine.
It was Gino who gave his name to the winery, driven by a wider vision: to make his wines known across the entire region of Verona.
In 1979, Gino Fasoli developed an allergy to some of the chemicals used in the vineyards. The winery was then passed on to the third generation who took the brave and rather difficult decision for the wine market at that time: to go organic.


  • 1880 Birth of Amadio Fasoli
  • 1912 Birth of Gino Fasoli
  • 1925 First sale of wine to the parish of San Zeno
  • 1951-1955 3rd Generation Amadio and Natalino Fasoli were born
  • 1977 Creation of Fasoli Gino brand and production of the first Gino Fasoli labels
  • 1980 Birth of the 4th generation, Matteo Fasoli
  • 1986 All vineyards converted to organic
  • 2003 Construction of the new winery
  • 2006 Introduction of biodynamic practices
  • 2015 Renovation of the original winery and fruit-drying loft
  • 2016 Opening of the Wine Shop
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