Rosso Veronese IGT Pinot Nero


VINIFICATION: The grapes are left to ferment in conical oak casks with manual pressing down of the marcs for 15 days. After being racked on, the wine is left to age in barriquesfor 36 – 48 months depending on the weather conditions.

TASTING NOTES: The wine is an intense ruby red and the bouquet has intense aromas of dried grapes. The spicy notes blend harmoniously with the aromas of ripe red fruits. The tannins are fine and persistent and balance the high acidity. The wine has a long aftertaste.

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We started making our Pinot Nero Sande at the end of the 1980s. The low yield of the vineyard was due to the pruning system and gave grapes that were unbelievably concentrated in sugar and aromas. The drying process further developed the aromas of the grapes allowing us to create a wine that is unique in its category.