Cabernet Sauvignon Veronese IGT

GRAPE VARIETIES: Cabernet Sauvignon

WINEMAKING TECHNIQUE: The grapes are fermented in stainless steel vats at a controlled temperature for approximately 20 days. The wine is left to mature in barriques for 24 months.

TASTING NOTES: With a deep ruby red colour, this is an intense, warm and delicately tannic wine. The aromas of tobacco, coffee, and black pepper create a sensation of captivating harmony. The finish is sweet and firm at the same time, reflecting the personality of our grandfather Igino, who this wine is named after.

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Igino was the real name of the founder of the FasoliGino Winery. This wine is dedicated to his strength and personality. One of the traditions in the Fasoli family is meeting for Sunday lunch – regardless of any other commitments. The men of the house would challenge each other to see who would have the unpleasant task of going down to the cold labyrinth of the cellars to find the wine that would be drunk over lunch. “Igino” was created as a wine for those special moments of conviviality and togetherness.